Elementary School Transition Tips: How to Make it Easier

Now that things go well for you and your family, you have the financial capacity to move to a new and better community where you can live comfortably and peacefully. If you’ve been living in the metro your whole life, perhaps you’re planning to move somewhere outside the city. Cavite is one of your best options, as the province offers a rural vibe and a convenient lifestyle not far from what the city can provide.

Going to a new environment, leaving your friends behind, and adjusting to a new routine and schedule is not easy. If you as an adult is having a hard time, then even more will your child once he transfers to a new school. Children usually find it difficult to accept the fact that they need to start all over again, find new friends, and get used to the new community. They may suffer from anxiety that is associated with the burden of leaving their friends, school, and house behind.

To prevent such burden and make the transition a smooth and fun one, helping your child adjust to his new elementary school in Lancaster Cavite is a must. You need to make them realize that you’re there for them and that you’ll help them adjust to the new environment. Here are the things you can do:

1. Visit and familiarize beforehand

Give the school a visit. Most schools would be welcoming enough and help a new student become comfortable easily. Going around and looking at new surroundings will definitely make the shift a lot less scary for your child. You can easily adjust to a place you are familiar with.

2. Have an open communication

Talk to your child about the plan to move. Explain why you are moving and encourage them to like the new learning environment and look forward to a better life there. While getting your point across is important, you also need to have a listening ear to know and understand what your child’s concern is. Getting through the whole transition period together is a goal that both of you can achieve if you listen to each other.

3. Keep old routines

Keeping old-school routines can make the transition less stressful. This will make your child feel like you never left your old house. Familiarity plays a key role in making the change easier to accept for your little one.

4. Make new friends

New friends walking to class

Take the initiative and allow your child to meet new friends. Organizing group dates or parties can help widen your child’s circle and help them make friends before school actually starts.

5. Be patient

It is normal for your child to miss their old school and friends. It is also normal for them to express rejection towards their new school. Be patient and help them deal with the transition as best as you can.

Going to a new school is never easy. But with the right preparation, it can be less stressful for you and your child. Keep these tips in mind to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

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