Essay Writing Tips: What Students Must Learn

A well-written essay should be clear and concise. Ideas in the essay should come out clearly without the reader struggling to understand what you’re trying to mean.

Unfortunately, writing an essay is challenging for most students. As a compulsory academic writing assignment, you must practice and be consistent with each piece to get a good grade. Even students in their last years of study still face issues with this writing assignment.

How do you write a good essay?

Make it easier to read

When writing an essay, make your sentences short and direct to the point. Unless you need to elaborate on an idea, shorter sentences are easier to read and convey your competence on the subject matter better.

Your instructor may also have too many essays to evaluate. If it’s easier to read your essay, the instructor will understand the main ideas in your paper easily.

Some essay writing assignment topics may be well out of your range of knowledge. With other academic concerns and even extra-curricular activities, you likely don’t have the time to delve into a topic you don’t know much about.

Professionals from the essay writing service deliver original content and without errors. Use the time saved to learn different concepts and read more books. Having adequate time to study will ensure you get good grades at the end of your course.

Discuss events in the present tense

Excessive passive voice creates wordy and unclear sentences. This won’t give you a good score at all. On the other hand, using an active voice creates clearer and more concise sentences that are easily understood by the reader. It’s a perfect way to make your narration more engaging and real.

Use standard vocabulary

A good essay piece doesn’t require the use of a dictionary to understand. Use familiar, everyday language. Simple, easy-to-understand words deliver your ideas better than complex, highfalutin vocabulary. It’s pretentious and fails to connect with whoever is reading your essay.

But don’t confuse simple words with jargon; jargon limits your readership because some terms are only understood by a select group.

Respond to the essay prompt

Always respond to the prompt regardless of how you feel you should go with the essay’s prompt. It’s normal to feel like writing about what your inspiration dictates. In this case, you’re writing an academic essay, and you should always stick to the essay’s prompt. Even if it’s complicated, analyze it and use the final draft to write your paper.

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Follow the right format and style

There are different formatting styles you can use to write your essay. Stick to the formatting style the instructor requires. The writing style should also be followed and should never be compromised.

Format and style are the first things your instructors will look for when they open your paper. If the format is correct, then that’s an indication that you understood whatever you wrote.

Include a thesis statement in the introduction

A thesis statement is vital in your essay and should be covered in the introduction. Including it in the introduction helps reveal the essay’s main idea. Though, this doesn’t mean that you should make it the opening sentence of the essay. If possible, place the thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph. It will serve as a transition to the body.

Use transitions in between paragraphs

The ideas you will write in your essay should be tied to the essay’s title. Transitions will help your paragraphs sound like separate text pieces connected to the essay’s title. Your essay should be coherent and smooth to lead the reader from one point to another.

Whenever possible, cite examples

Some instructors will require you to use statistics to explain the ideas used in your essay.

When citing examples, you must cite correctly from scientific or literature work. Avoid using too many examples that depend on your understanding. Using quality sources is more convincing, and the reader can quickly get reliable evidence for what you’re trying to put across.

Stating Your Point

Essay writing assignments in the academe demonstrate your writing abilities, research skills and level of knowledge on certain subject matters. But because this particular type of writing is intended to communicate the writer’s point, an essay also shows your ability to communicate ideas.

To write a great essay, communicate your ideas precisely. The tips discussed above will guide you through the essay writing process. Follow the instructions as well because this will influence your grade and showcase your ability to execute guidelines.

And before handing your essay in, edit and refine until you’re confident that it will fetch a good grade.

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