How to Maximize High School Shadow Visits

School locker roomAs a parent, providing your children with quality education is a top priority. Enrolling in the right school will help your child grow academically, physically, socially and spiritually. While you may have a checklist of the important factors that a school and its curriculum must include, it may not be enough to provide you with a clear basis for your decision.

Fortunately, there are schools that offer shadowing programs for prospective students. According to educators at Gilbert Christian Schools, shadowing programs provide interested students with an immersive experience that will let them gain insight into what it’s like to be part of the school. When you register your child in a shadowing program, they will be paired with a current student so they can witness and learn first-hand what normally happens during a normal day inside the campus.

A shadow visit usually lasts the whole day, but it can be shorter, depending on how the school has set up its shadowing program. In order for your child to maximize his time during shadow day, advise them to keep these tips in mind.

Arrive with an Open Heart and a Curious Mind

When your child shadows a student, they gain full access not only to the school’s facilities but also to the classes. Your child will be toured around campus and attend the same classes that the student hosts attends. Encourage your child to be inquisitive as this is an opportunity for them to get information that is not usually available at the school’s website or provided by the admission office.

Since your child will be spending the day with a real student, your child will be receiving valuable insight from a credible source. The information that your child will gain will help both of you decide if the school environment and community will match your values and preferences. You and your child can also list down questions beforehand so your child won’t miss out on any detail that you would like to scrutinize come shadow day.

Be Friendly

Students sitting on the grassShadowing does not mean that your child should only follow the student host around school. Let your child know that this is a chance to be acquainted with other students as well as teachers and school staff. Interacting with people will help your child decide if it will be easy for them to adjust and get along with peers and educators.

Observe, Listen and Take Down Notes

While social interaction is a huge part of shadowing, it is important for your child to remain observant especially when it comes to the school’s mode of instruction, campus layout and over-all atmosphere. Your child should note down both positive and negative observations and experiences as these will be important reflection points when you discuss whether the school is a suitable choice for you or not.

Selecting the right school for your child may be daunting, with so many schools to choose from. Shadowing is a great opportunity that may help you and your child make this important decision.

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