The Degrees That Will Help You Land a Promising Career

Malcolm X once compared education to a passport as it is the key to a promising future because it could help pave the way for a promising career. But with the abundance of degrees and courses, from tree surgeon courses to computer science, it can be challenging to choose which one you want to invest your time and money in.

Many people don’t realize that choosing a college degree can cause anxiety for many students going to college, as many are unsure of what they want to take up yet. Some students even feel pressured to choose something they are only half-hearted about, negatively impacting their studies.

Degrees That Will Help Secure Your Future

If you’re at that moment in your life when you also need to choose a degree, here is a guide that might help in making you decide which one you want to take. Most of these will help ensure that your future will be secured with a promising career. Here are some of them:

1. Healthcare

More people have realized the value of healthcare and the role that healthcare professionals play in modern society, but the truth is this degree has always been significant. Due to the health crisis, the increasing number of older people, and many other reasons, healthcare is a vital degree to earn.

Based on some projections for the next ten years, there will be a growing demand for healthcare professionals, and the pandemic has made it apparent that this prediction will more likely come true. Midwives, physicians, therapists, medical services managers, anesthetists, pathologists, and licensed nurses will grow in demand by 5 to 16%. If you want to study and work in the healthcare industry but don’t see yourself working with patients, doing admin work is also an option.

2. Accounting

It’s no secret that accounting is a tricky part of any business, so if you’re good with numbers, then you should consider earning a degree in accounting. You can put your education to use by helping corporations, businesses, and government agencies manage their finances. As an employee in the accounting department, your task will involve reviewing income and other expenses, creating financial reports, preparing tax reports, and more.

The job might seem customary, but you can be sure you will not have a difficult time finding a good position, as the Bureau of Labor of Statistics predicted that these jobs will continue to be in demand until 2030 with a 7% growth.

3. Computer Science

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Of course, everyone knows how much technology is taking the whole world by storm, and this generation is becoming more tech-savvy. With this trend, computer science degrees are becoming available everywhere, and vital is only natural. Suppose you have any talent or skills in this field. In that case, this degree will enhance those while giving you other essential knowledge in programming languages, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, machine learning, computer networks, and more.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released a projection showing the demand for occupations for computer science degree holders will grow by 22% between 2020 and 2030. Twenty-two percent is a promising figure, and it shows that anyone with this degree will have jobs waiting for them after graduation. Your job choices range from being a computer programmer, information security analyst, software developer, and computer system administrator. If these jobs don’t appeal to you yet, then you can be sure there will be other jobs available by the time you graduate as technology continues to get bigger.

4. Marketing

Businesses require people with a background in marketing to help their companies grow, which is why this degree is essential. Knowing how the marketing industry works through proper education will help you land an excellent job as you will know how to make successful marketing campaigns based on today’s trends. Of course, as technology impacts many aspects of businesses, specializing in digital marketing will help your future career more.

The demand for marketing degree holders is steadily increasing, and this trend will continue until 2030. Thus, if you see yourself being a creative in the advertising world or the marketing industry in general, this should be for you.

Choose Wisely for Your Future

It’s okay to be unsure of how you’ll be spending the rest of your life, but if you can be practical, then choose the degree you will be studying wisely, as it can determine the kind of future you will have. If you can’t be idealistic, then be practical by choosing what will help you land a good job with a livable wage in the future.





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