Papers Writing Help: 7 Questions to Ask A Professional

So you’ve reached the best paper writing agency and pre-ordered your essay. The support department answered your questions. Further, the assigned specialist got in touch with you and started writing the paper. You went through the details and now are waiting for a perfect essay. What could go wrong?

Many things if you didn’t ask the questions below.

Check what our experts think on the questions each student should ask an academic writing professional.

Why Ask Questions?

Academic writing agencies differ. Sure, they propose the same writing services. But once you open their rules and policies, you’ll be surprised.

Some agencies consider refund policies, others don’t. Some agencies suggest revision services, others (again) don’t. Before reaching a papers writing help, make sure you ask vital questions about price and quality.

  • Questions guard you against surprises like a non-refund policy;
  • You learn more about secondary services like plagiarism reporting;
  • You find which cases may change the order’s price when in progress;
  • You learn more details when it comes to Revision or Dispute cases, and
  • In other words, you learn all the pitfalls and steps to take if you’re unhappy with the result.

Question #1: Does my writer specialize in the discipline?

A writing agency is a melting pot of various professionals. Some of them will specialize in Math and Biology, whereas others will code and write narratives. Sometimes, your order may go to the wrong writer by mistake. Yes, errors happen in the papers writing help system.

However, if timely etected, there’s a high chance your order will be transferred to the right author.

Why ask this question?

  • The more expertise your writer has in the subject, the better;
  • You don’t want a Math specialist to write your Literature essay, right?
  • You’ll check in time if the required specialist accepts your order;
  • Imagine you need a professional specializing in dissertations rather than essays. If you’re unhappy with the expertise level, you can change the writer.

Question #2: What is the agency’s revision policy?

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Most agencies allow revisions for free. Others may consider the size of the text that should be altered. For instance, 15 percent-revisions are considered minor yet may be free. However, a 30 percent-revision is a big deal. There’s a high probability that such a service will require additional payment.

Why ask this question?

  • To check the services’ price. Revisions are a part of the papers writing help and usually come at low costs;
  • To avoid surprises. Some writers (which is rare) have a non-revision policy. In this case, you’ll need to find a different specialist to perform a revision request.

Question #3: Does my writer do plagiarism reports?

As a rule of thumb, academic writers avoid plagiarism as much as they can. Nonetheless, not all professionals use plagiarism checkers. Blame it on one’s self-confidence or forgetfulness, you won’t always get a plagiarism report. Things might get even trickier when your professor uses Turnitin to make sure your paper is original.

Why ask this question?

  • Most agencies consider a plagiarism report a special service to be added to the basic cost;
  • You want to make sure your writer follows the non-plagiarism policy;
  • Sometimes, you may be curious to check the tools your writer uses. Nothing wrong with that.

Question #4: Does my writer perform quality checks?

A quality check is a procedure during which a writer leaves comments regarding the structure, grammar and content in the paper’s copy.

Sure, the quality department will check whether your paper follows all instructions before sending it. Again, not all agencies specializing in papers writing help have an editor’s department. Most agencies will tell you that the paper’s quality is the writer’s responsibility. At the same time, some agencies perform quality checks as a separate service.

Why ask this question?

  • You want to know how the agency will prove that the paper is of high quality and follows all instructions;
  • You’ll learn whether a quality check is a special service to pay for. We also advise you to ask which tools a writer uses for their quality check performance.

Question #5: Can I divide my paper into milestones?

When it comes to organization, your writer may decide to divide the project into milestones. A paper may be ordered as a one-step project if it is small-sized. However, a research paper with 20 chapters will require milestones.

Each milestone will have its special deadline. Once the deadline approaches, the writer will send you the portion of the work done.

Why ask this question?

  • Some agencies which specialize in papers writing help will ask you to pay for this service;
  • Milestones allow an academic professional to do their job better;
  • You’ll be able to control the flow of the project more effectively with the milestones division.

Question #6: Is sending digital sources expensive?

Almost all agencies will have this service pre-paid depending on the number of sources. In the end, you want to check which sources your writer used. You can provide your specialist with the necessary sources in advance. Or check the Works Cited list after receiving the paper.

Why ask the question?

Writers often use academic databases, which require special registration. Hence, one cannot access these sources out of the database boundaries.

Question #7: Can I get 24/7 support?

A vital question if you’re working on an urgent order. Asking this question will let you avoid delays in the writing process. A writer may forget about the deadline. Meanwhile, a well-trained support specialist will reach them. They will ensure a writer provides timely assistance.

Why ask this question?

Like all students, you don’t want to be late with the paper’s submission, right?

Time Management for Students

From time to time, a busy student needs the help of a papers writing agency to enjoy their freedom. Before reaching the academic writing agency, make a list of questions to ask the professional. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and get a high-quality product. You want to pass that tiring module, right?

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!

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