Skills You Need to be a Lifestyle Guru

People seek advice from others to help them overcome a certain challenge or make a smart decision. Advising to help someone out is something that comes second nature to some individuals. But do you have what it takes to turn it into a full time job? Some can turn their talent for advice into money by becoming a lifestyle coach or guru.

It is a highly fulfilling job in many ways. You can share your wisdom with those who need it, and are going to be able to influence their lives positively. Be aware, however, that hundreds of lifestyle gurus are available out there.

To make a real difference, not only you have to go through intensive health coach training, but you also need to possess specific skills. Here are three important skills you should learn.

  1. Leadership skills

You need to have leadership skills to be an effective coach. You need to convince people why they should listen to you, out of everyone out there who is already offering advice, much of which is unwanted.

You have to be confident in selling yourself and convince people to listen to you. It takes just the right amount of toughness and sensitivity. You need to be hard on people when they need it, and you need to be supportive of them, too.

In some cases, you may have to quit on people, especially if they become too much for you to handle or you feel like you aren’t being able to influence them positively. Most of all, you need the understanding and natural leadership sense to know which to apply when.

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  1. Excellent communication

Part of good leadership is to have excellent communication skills. You have to be able to tell people what you need from them, and you will have to hear them out. Your listening skills have to be excellent. Most people want a mentor who is willing to listen to their problems.

Learn to express yourself clearly, as well. But make sure you have set your boundaries. Sometimes, being a life coach might mean having to spend a lot of time with a client. Boundaries are essential in such a relationship.

  1. Grit

To be able to motivate others, you need to keep yourself motivated. You can only do this through grit. You have to be able to keep going even if you just cannot deal with another day’s intense workout routine.

Your own body and life will serve as your resume for this job. So always keep yourself in top shape. You also shouldn’t expect to find employment straight off the bat. You will also have to stay motivated enough to carry out endless marketing campaigns and try out a variety of clients until you finally meet success.

If you can get this career to work for you, you have struck a gold mine. It may take a lot of effort, but it will be worthwhile in the end. The important thing is to build a reliable network that will help you succeed.

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