Take a Tour of an Adolescent Eating Disorder Treatment Center

The video provides an inside look at the truly unique adolescent eating disorder treatment center. From the very start, the reporter emphasizes how their approach is highly individualized and personalized to the specific needs and goals of each resident. This is no one-size-fits-all treatment facility.

The core treatment facility utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, with a particular focus on exposure and response prevention techniques.

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Residents work through personalized goals and exposures that allow them to practice in real-world settings through outings, home visits, and involvement with their families. The program addresses not just the eating disorder behaviors, but any co-occurring depression, anxiety, or other underlying psychological issues.

The reporter goes into how the residents engage in therapies like art that provide a safe and meaningful outlet to explore and communicate feelings that may otherwise manifest through disordered eating. She also showcases different dedicated spaces like the kitchenette used for nutritional education, meal challenges, and snack exposures to help nourish the body and mind. Even academics remain a focus, with certified teachers coordinating with residents’ home schools. Throughout, the message is clear – this is a comprehensive, compassionate approach that empowers adolescents to reconnect with their motivations for recovery, build a strong foundation, and continue making strides with support from families at lower levels of care. .

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