What Will My Child Learn in a Private Pre-K3 Program?

Today, more parents are enrolling their children in private pre-k3 programs because they offer several benefits. Youngsters with this headstart are often more advanced than their peers. In fact, according to Soocial, little ones who go to preschool are typically one-third of a year ahead of students who don’t. Keep reading to understand what your child will learn at a private preschool.

Collaboration Through Our Gardening Program

Our unique gardening program has been specially curated for pre-k3 and pre-k4 pupils. Children learn how to handle plants carefully, encouraging the use of fine and gross motor skills. Critical thinking skills help problem-solve and promote cognitive development. Students are motivated to work as a team and learn essential collaboration skills that last a lifetime.

Critical Thinking Via STEAM Activities

While our gardening program is unique, it’s not the only way preschoolers learn critical thinking skills. STEAM activities are carefully selected to help lay the foundation children need to solve math and science problems in the future. These same critical thinking skills promote literacy and ensure a tot’s healthy cognitive development.

Motor Skills Through Art, Music, and Writing

Fine and gross motor skills remain essential for children to succeed in school, as those with proper fine motor skills can write earlier. Instructors work carefully with little ones and design a curriculum to help encourage fine motor skill development. This includes participating in fun art projects, practicing with early writing activities, and playing musical instruments.

Socialization Via Small Groups

Students in pre-k3 programs learn how to socialize with other children and understand how to problem-solve effectively when conflicts arise. Teachers work with small groups to encourage communication. For example, little ones will slowly learn how to properly articulate their feelings, helping reduce tantrums and spats.

Independence Through Tasks

Youngsters in private pre-k3 programs are encouraged to be independent. Children are often motivated to handle age-appropriate tasks, such as putting away supplies and helping in the classroom. They may be responsible for putting on their coats and shoes. This is a great way to help students prepare for kindergarten and beyond. Parents will often see this same independence translated at home.

Your child’s future is essential to you. That’s why programs are carefully crafted to help your little one build the foundation today that will help them succeed tomorrow!

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