Why early education is so important for your child

Your child’s education doesn’t start in kindergarten. Learning starts right in your home, as children learn how to walk and talk, and it further extends into quality preschools. Read on to see why such early education matters.

They Can Develop Social Skills

According to Statista, over 10.8 million students enrolled in private schools in 2023. Many of those private school students went to preschools. Starting in preschool instead of waiting until primary school means earlier social skills. They’ll have a chance to interact with peers beyond their siblings and parents. Many of these peers may also be from different environments and cultures. Plus, they’ll get used to being around adults who aren’t family and gain comfort with teacher authority.

They Can Start Understanding Literary

Literacy is the backbone of any good education. Before children can formally read, daily activities will involve literacy with songs, storytime, and nursery rhymes. They’ll begin learning sight words and can practice basic phonetics. Therefore, the transition to learning how to read will be much easier for your child.

They Can Learn About Technology

Society has changed and advanced quickly within 10 years and continues to do so. This generation is growing up with social media and computers in the form of a cell phone. Preschools can give your child a head start, essential in an increasingly advanced world driven by technology and creativity. Early education may involve mobile technology in education, second language learning, and group collaboration.

They Can Improve Cognitive Development

Early education classes are geared towards children between the ages of one and five. The period is significant as it’s also a critical time for your child’s brain growth. It’s the perfect time to allow your children to be in an environment where they’re constantly soaking up as much as possible. That may involve picking up a second language by simply hearing people speak it, touching new things, and exploring the natural world on field trips. These early years are a time when your child can start building a library of knowledge.

Now you understand why more parents are enrolling children in preschools, especially at the private level. It’s because early education can never be too early! Your child’s early years can set them on a path that encourages a love of learning as they build relations with other children on the same path.

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