Women’s Vocal Ranges: How to Identify Yours and Cultivate It

When looking for the perfect teacher for voice lessons in Tampa, you must find one who can identify your own vocal range, if you haven’t yet. It will determine where and how you will start in your education, and it will help you highlight your strengths and improve your weaknesses. In addition to identifying and working on strengths and weaknesses, you can find out which songs you are more suited for you. So that the next time you hit the stage, or the karaoke room, you can belt out the songs that are close to both your voice type and heart.

But first, what is a voice type? What is a vocal range? A voice type is characterized by vocal range, vocal weight (the lightness or heaviness of one’s voice), and tessitura (the part of one’s vocal range wherein they sing the most). It also considers the vocal timbre (the singer’s own unique “oomph! factor)” and vocal transition points (how the voice breaks and lifts within one line of a song). Vocal range is a component of one’s voice type that takes into account how high and low a singer’s voice is.

Here are the different voice ranges for women:

woman happily singingWomen’s voices are divided into four vocal ranges, spanning from the lowest to the highest. The lowest is the contralto, which is quite rare. When contraltos sing low notes, they sound almost indistinguishable from men. Annie Lennox from the Eurythmics is a perfect example of this, and her voice in Sweet Dreams matches the soft and haunting quality of the song. Soul legend Nina Simone is also a contralto.

The alto follows the contralto. Altos are the second-highest lowest voice range, which makes it easy for them to hit powerful notes for emphasis. A famous recent example is Lana del Rey.

Mezzo-sopranos have the second-highest voice range but can go down low enough to create a quite powerful combination. The results are pop legends with catchy songs that last for ages. Two famous mezzo-sopranos are none other than Madonna and Lady Gaga.

Sopranos are very powerful. They have the highest and lightest voice range, which means that they can reach incredible heights. They effortlessly hit the notes mezzo-sopranos have a hard time reaching. No less than Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Beyonce are sopranos.

Overall, it doesn’t matter what kind of vocal range you have or how broad or limited it is, as long as you use what you have to the best of your ability. The vocal range doesn’t necessarily mean vocal ability, although it helps in some cases. Whatever the case is, you shouldn’t don’t limit yourself. Try to figure out if you can go beyond your comfort zone when learning how to sing. Also, don’t forget to practice regularly. Who knows? The results may surprise you. You never know if someone might discover you along the way. If not, at least there’s the sheer pleasure of doing something very well. Music is a lifestyle, so you should enjoy it to the fullest.

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