Overcoming The Obstacles Of Career Development & Success

Everyone has their own unique aspiration and dream in life. Some are very outgoing and dedicate their lives to traveling the world and sharing the many life stories they come across. Others prefer the world of finance and to understand the inner workings behind the flow of cash and how they can help others create wealth. And we could go on and on, nitpicking at every career and future an individual could envision throughout their journey in life.

However, if there’s one commonality that everyone shares regardless of how outlandish their dreams and planned careers might be, it’s that we all go through obstacles in our career development and journey to attain success. What’s worse, no matter how strong or determined we size ourselves up to be, nobody is a stranger to setbacks, and this issue has been plaguing many young minds across the globe. So, today we’ll be going over how you can overcome these obstacles and what a healthy mindset requires for career advancement.

Obstacles Are Normal, But Action Is Necessary

Firstly, we must understand and come to terms with the fact that obstacles are normal, and there will never come a time that they disappear completely. Challenges are what help us grow and how we act upon these obstacles is where the change and growth occurs. Therefore, it’s not smart of us to wish for them to go away but train ourselves to approach them with objective reasons and determination.

  • You Can’t Afford To Be Complacent

    One common problem shared by many people is the idea of being complacent and standing still. Yes, it may be comfortable, and you’ll face less resistance by staying where you are right now, but you risk falling behind as the world around you moves forward. Let’s look at Singapore, for example, a small city-state when compared to the rest of the world, but they are a role model for mental health. They didn’t get to the point by waiting, but through effort and taking action.

  • Opportunities Slip Past You

    Another negative repercussion of succumbing to obstacles of career development and success is that opportunities slip past you even when they are right in your grasp. Most opportunities for growth tend to mask themselves as insurmountable challenges and obstacles. When we deliberately avoid them and do not take a chance at overcoming them, we also lose the opportunity to grow. Therefore, building our resilience and adopting a proactive nature is necessary.

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#1 Slacking And Procrastination

Number one, an obstacle we all face at some point in our careers is slacking and the depth that procrastination can affect our productivity and mental state. Most people consider procrastination as proof of being lazy, but sometimes this can be a direct effect of fear. We fear what we don’t know, and we shy away from uncertainty because we don’t want the routines we’ve built so long to crumble before us.

However, if you want to overcome this obstacle, then we strongly recommend that you break out of your comfort zone. Change and growth will always be accompanied by uncertainty and spontaneity, and if you’re serious about advancing in your career, then combatting procrastination through action is an inevitable first step.

#2 Social Pressure

Number two, we overthink too much and are constantly upended by social pressure. Another big issue that plateaus our career advancement is succumbing to social pressure and how other people will judge you. Even when it’s all done for the purpose of our personal growth, we manage to doubt ourselves and consciously insert others, who don’t matter, into the equation.

Understand that these people have no bearing on your life, even more so your decisions. Therefore, it’s unnecessary to constantly think of what other people might say because everyone will always have their biased commentaries. Take that online first-aid class, learn those new dance steps, and attend those crucial webinars without thinking twice about how people will judge. What matters most is that you’re putting effort into making your dreams come true.

#3 Status Anxiety

Last but not least, we all have a habit of comparing ourselves to others and fall victim to status anxiety. We know how difficult it can be to struggle through different episodes in life, only to see your news feed filled with friends and people you once knew attain so much success even before you could taste your first win. However, this mindset is unhealthy because constant comparison kills achievement. It devoids you of motivation and makes you feel insignificant. So, do yourself a favor and value the progress you’ve made by looking back at your past and not what others have achieved.

Bring Out The Best In You

We all want to be the best versions of ourselves, and that requires the capacity to overcome the challenges and obstacles that present themselves in our careers. So, take all these pieces of advice to heart and adapt them into your personal journey to attain the success you desire.

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