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Study and Work: How to Balance a Full-time Job and Academic Life

The idea of studying and working at the same time may seem an impossible feat for most people. Even the idea of being a full-time student can be challenging with all the demands of coursework. The good news is, academic institutions are now offering alternative learning paths for those who want to study while working.


Study Slumps: What You Can Do to Overcome Them

No matter how productive studying can be, investing in a good three-hour session is not without its challenges, and even if you break up your day as best you can, study slumps are a common occurrence no matter where you find yourself. As a result, you end up retaining less knowledge, feel demotivated to put

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Five Essential Skills Every Teenager Should Master

The teenage years are a time of experimentation, growth, and discovery. It’s also a time when you’re trying to figure out who you are and what your interests are. The world is your oyster. But before you venture out into the big wide world, it’s essential to be prepared with some basic skills so that

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How to Raise Your Children the Right Way Despite the Modern World

Values are the most important thing you can teach your children. They help shape a person’s character, and they’re more important than any skill or talent. Empathy, perseverance, humility, and gratitude are some things you can teach your children while they’re young. These values will give your children a good foundation for living in this


The Degrees That Will Help You Land a Promising Career

Malcolm X once compared education to a passport as it is the key to a promising future because it could help pave the way for a promising career. But with the abundance of degrees and courses, from tree surgeon courses to computer science, it can be challenging to choose which one you want to invest your time and money

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Why Investing in Education is Important

Education is essential because education gives people the skills and education they need to be successful in life. This is why education plays a big role not only for students but also adults striving to get an education that will allow them to provide for their families. However, education is not only about the one

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Online, On-campus, or Hybrid: Which Learning Model Suits You?

Everyone has been affected by COVID-19 in many ways, particularly students whose academic careers have been temporarily postponed because of the pandemic. While it has been more than a year since the COVID-19 outbreak, it will take a while before international travel becomes fully open for all students. This encouraged students to consider nearby reputable


How to Make Extracurricular Activities Work in Your Favor

Getting involved in high school clubs, sports teams, and other pursuits outside the classroom comes with many benefits. For one, it helps you develop your talent and skills. It also allows you to make friends and learn more about yourself. And admit it, it’s a fun way to spend your time after school. Your extracurricular

Surviving Art School: What You Can Do as a Student

Art school is diverse and can include anything from dancing to painting, making the environment around it volatile and unpredictable—and because of this, surviving throughout the process can be challenging for most students. However, it is doable. Whether you’re taking dance classes as an elective course or focusing on digital art, the following are practical tips

Pursuing Bachelor of Arts? Here’s What You Should Know

High school graduates often face two major decisions that shape their future: their area of study and their choice of college or university. Selecting a major can be a daunting task for some, as their decision can determine how much they’ll earn and what their work environment will be like. Once a student has settled

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